Lawn And Handyman Services by Tom:

means more free time for you to do the important things in life!

Tom lawns and handyman services spells play time for you.
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Lawn and Handyman Services By Tom.

· Location: At this time, Tom is able to provide his services to Duval, Clay and Middleburg Counties in the State of Florida. Our Company is C.I.B.R., Inc, and is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

· What does Tom Do? He creates beautiful yards customized to fit your needs. Is your current service leaving allot undone? Tom provides the old fashioned "good service". With a background in construction, we are also able to provide professional home repairs and handyman services.

· Licensed and insured, and using only legal English speaking workers means liability protection for you when on your property.

· Want to find out more? That is easy...give us a call at (904) 317-5330, and don't forget to ask for a free estimate.

For your convenience, we do take Visa and MasterCard.
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